All of these guys are fuzzy bunnies!

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All of these guys are fuzzy bunnies!

Post by koimaster » August 10th 2010, 8:00am

Ever wonder where the term "Fuzzy Bunnies or Fuzzy Rabbits" referring to members of Watchgeeks came from?

From Corona Gorda himself........... While discussing and insulting Big Joe in the Big Four Forum at geekland. Get it through your heads people, the owners of geeks and Invicta are NOT your friends. You do not get to call them at home and discuss an upcoming BBQ or the weather. They want your money! No different than the guy on the street corner with the sign stating " will work for food"

Jim- He couldn't get a clue in a field of clues, dressed as a clue in mating season. All of these guys are fuzzy bunnies!

And just for laughs..........the comments directly below refer to Big Joe and were part of the conversation in which Jim Skelton coined the term "Fuzzy Bunnies"

Watchbear- Did any of you guys see Idiot joes last post? He spelled psychotherapy psco-treapy! What a fool! He needs a good kick in the nutz.

Michael- Will he EVER stop posting here?

Bruce- I hear he has been tutoring LooseCannon on syntax and sentence structure. These guys are such ass-hats I can't even take it.

Want a little more on how the people who geeks fawn over REALLY think of you! Image

I am getting so tired of reading these uninformed but talking like they know it all assholes!!! They are starting to appear like a bad case of crotch rot!! God they are everywhere!!! Whining about the silliest things The stones are not real....Wah!!! is it a real piece of Gibeon Meteorite!!! my pin bent!!! OH how I've been wronged!! I want my momma cause my OTV for 79.00 dollars doesn't feel like a Reserve watch...even though it ain't...not even close...even in my wildest matter how bad I want it to be!! Rant Session....OFF!
WOW! That felt GOOOOD!!

I am so tired of these a$$ clowns and the stones thing. All they have to do is go read up on it.

As far as I know, Bruce is the one he thinks took a whiz in his Wheaties.

I say blast away. The idiots have been coming out of the woodwork lately.

Pepper however (with the thread of warning about the price on the Sea Wzard) feels you were quite mean to him. I sent him a PM earlier this evening about referring to you and hyping things.



“Your heart was warm and happy

With the lilt of Irish laughter

Every day and in every way

Now forever and ever after."
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Re: All of these guys are fuzzy bunnies!

Post by LIES ALL LIES!!! » August 10th 2010, 8:47am

The day they upgraded the forum over there and did not realize the hidden settings on their admin forum switched back to default was glorious.

I remember when Jim and Michael discovered everyone had access to their forum and their real thoughts were out there for the world to see. Jim posted something to effect of "I would like to apologize to members who may have been offended at what was said back there, it is the admin forum for blowing off steam and was not personal in any way".

It is not an admin release forum, it is the only place you will hear the truth from these assholes of how they regard you, and you are simply a mark to be fleeced.
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Re: All of these guys are fuzzy bunnies!

Post by Guest » August 10th 2010, 10:51am

boscoe wrote:I loved Michael (Kung Fu Panda) Davis accussing people of hacking into the Kool Kids forums.
Whatta joke.

Michael (Sterno Can) Davis is a fountain of misinformation...
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Re: All of these guys are fuzzy bunnies!

Post by TemerityB » August 10th 2010, 4:12pm

Today has been amazing. Two threads that have made me truly despise the WG owners and mods all the more, and I couldn't stand a-one of 'em before today.

I could say a bunch of really inflammatory stuff right now. But I will say this:

Let's get these bastards - using the letter of the law. I for one ain't gonna rest. Every false claim, dubious rant, every crap product, I'm going to talk about on as many blogs and websites as I can. I'm going to keep writing to the editors of newspapers, Attorneys General, the BBB, watch magazines, journalists, reporters, other watch companies, anyone...I'm gonna be that annoying fly that flits around IWG's ugly corporate head, just buzzing about how fucked up and unprofessional and cretinous they are.

These aren't reputable businessmen. They are opportunists, carnys, shills, and liars. They make faulty products backed by "five-year warranties" that aren't worth the paper they're printed on. They've scammed so many people, who only wanted to buy a good watch. And like so many here, and this is an opinion I can't back up, I honestly believe many of their "Swiss Made" watches haven't come close to Switzerland. Gee, how would I ever get such an idea? Perhaps all those Far East Assembly Swissies, perhaps?

IWG doesn't make good watches -they make ex-customers. And the worst part of it is that they seem to relish it, craving it more with every banned WG member and every person they rip off. They take obvious glee in being douchebags; just check out Skelton and Davis yesterday while perpetuating the RD lie.

Laugh it up, Davis, Skelton, and Lalo. Keep smiling, winking, keep it up with the dubious claims about your shit products. More, please more; it's already a pleasure beyond words watching the beginning of your inevitable, wholly justified demise.

WatchGeeks will go down in watch forum history as the worst watch related site that existed. Trolls, threats, bannings, and owners and sponsors talking out of their collective asses to fleece people out of hard earned money. - Koimaster
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