EYAL and Invicta: Please read this!!! _ from BDWF

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EYAL and Invicta: Please read this!!! _ from BDWF

Post by koimaster » June 14th 2010, 8:39am

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Another banned WG!! LOL


Hello All,
I am new here but, am happy to find a home. I love collecting watches but, got caught up in the BS about Invicta's customer service over at WG's and Michael removed my ability to post. I posted a cure and a plan to fix Invicta CS. Michael did not like the response this drew called me an idiot, threatened me, then removed my right to post. I half expected him to fall on the ground kicking and screaming. The real comical part was the post was honest and professional. If anyone still has the ability to post there, could you do me a small favor? My post under the same name is supposedly still there. I would be glad to post it here with Moderator's approval. Could someone please PM it to me?


The above BDWF member was banned at watchgeeks for this post.

EYAL and Invicta: Please read this!!!





You support the company because you sell their product. If you had to deal with the channels and BS that we do, your tune would change. You made a comment a few weeks ago that picked up the phone and called Eyal. This is not customer service! He knows where his bread is buttered. I feel bad for Michael! He is a fantastic voice for Invicta and I am sure this BS has to frustrate him to no end.

Invicta has more complaints then most companies have customers.

There is no excuse for the poor customer service Invicta has. NONE!!!

I honestly have almost NO respect for Eyal. He has a great product that should be backed by an amazing customer service department.

Why are you letting this continue?????? You really need to rethink your service and fix this mess right now!!! Take 25% of the profit from the 10,000,000 watches sold last year and FIX the customer service department.

1. Impress me: If I pay 400.00 of my hard earned money for your watch and a hand falls off, replace the watch! This game of sending it out and waiting for MONTHS is pathetic and an insult to us! Make this a First Year Exchange Program.

2. Hire intelligent front line staff: Every person I reach in Customer Service should have the power to send me a replacement watch.

3. Stock Parts: Take 200 of your most popular watches and stock every tiny part for them! IN THIS COUNTRY! What little you will lose in profit will be returned ten fold in sales!

4. Warranty: Give every watch a five year warranty. No more games. If it is sold anywhere from any of your authorized sellers, give the five year warranty.

5. Fast and Repairs: After the first year replacement warranty is over, offer a very fast repair service based in the United States that does not take 4 months to fix something. ALL of your watches come with an Off-The-Shelf movement. Stock movements to repair watches and pay a tech to move the hands over. The fees charged for non warranty work and the sales from GREAT customer service will pay for the entire repair department.

6. Inexpensive Out Of Warranty Repairs: Even if I caused the damage, it should not cost percentages of LIST MSRP prices to fix them. Then take months to do the actual work.

7. Set Strict Guidelines for Retailers: If a watch is returned for any reason, it should never go back out to another customer as new. The NEW service department should check over the watch and sell it as Refurbished. There are thousands of us collectors that would relish the chance at a low price on a refurb if we could trust the refurb company. Not to mention entire businesses that would chomp at the bit to be a refurb only seller. I would design and entire site and business around refurbished Invicta products if the service was there.

This is my rant.

Christopher A Bradley


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Re: EYAL and Invicta: Please read this!!! _ from BDWF

Post by eddiea » June 15th 2010, 3:12pm

My 2 cents is, as a member, I will never seriously post anything on geeks with the intend to fix or help them get out of the sinking hole they are, they like it there... but to fuck around a bit with the assholes crew...not a bad essay :hhuui:
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