Latest Speedway Model For Proud Invicta Owners *UPDATED*

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Re: Latest Speedway Model For Proud Invicta Owners *UPDATED*

Post by Falstaff » October 11th 2011, 7:01am

Dear Lord, Google shows that there do seem to be a lot of 'em out there with that model number as well as that damnable Zebra. Well, I humbly and reluctantly stand corrected.

Thanks BigjimzIII, for destroying my innocence in regard to Rolex' reputation for good taste. I'm a sadder but wiser man.
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Re: Latest Speedway Model For Proud Invicta Owners *UPDATED*

Post by TemerityB » October 11th 2011, 5:35pm

Updated response to the newer photos, ignoring the previous few posts:

Yep, they've given up, screwed the pooch, and are dropping their pants, coughing, and sidling up to the Equipes and Stauers of the watch world; there's not even a pretense of being a serious watch company at this point.

The only people on God's green earth that could look at those watches and not LOL are the dorks who fly to other states to meet their favorite "watch celebrities" in the flesh. Other than that, I honestly think we are seeing the end of IWG as we know it. I mean...this is unbelievable even by their meager "standards."

Their margins must be vastly improved, cuz, man...they're not even trying anymore.
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Re: Latest Speedway Model For Proud Invicta Owners *UPDATED*

Post by DoctorIvey » October 12th 2011, 9:07am

Whocares wrote:
DoctorIvey wrote:I'd like to buy Whocares a Trollex.

Got proof I'm trolling? No so shut your fucking mouth.

Whocares, I'm sorry. I truly am. For the record, and as an aside, that Leopard was described in a recent WSJ article as a "modified" Rolex favored by Mexican drug lords. The article was interesting. Recently some Chinese-Mexican drug lord was busted with a bunch of drugs in his palatial estate along with suitable acoutrement including but not limited to a Rolex Leopard, a real leopard, a couple of albino tigers a la Siegfried and Roy, gold plated Uzis (also not standard from the Uzi factory) a hot tub the size of an Olympic pool, and probably a miniature giraffe as well. Oh, and 280 M dollars cash. The interesting thing about the article is that the Mex. Gov. was free to spend the 280M on whatever they wanted but they had to give all the swag to a special department for oversight until the guy is either convicted or acquitted. If acquitted he gets back all his stuff, minus the cash.

Anyway, I'm really sorry you feel offended when large groups of people identify you with the T word, and I'm very, very, sorry I contributed to bruising your fragile psyche. I'd like to extend the olive branch to you, if you will. Perhaps a nice warm Troll House Cookie and

Image Shitbird.
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