Glycine Lagunare 3000

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Glycine Lagunare 3000

Post by koimaster » June 2nd 2011, 2:13pm


Glycine makes a wide variety of wristwatches, all with a particular style that is paradoxically very different but similar at the same time. Another way of putting this is that a Glycine watch is almost immediately recognizable, yet their watches are all very different. This is quite unlike, for example, Rolex or perhaps Breitling (or Omega, but to a lesser extent), who have a much more limited styling range of watches that all have similar looks.

This, to me, is a remarkable achievement, and one of the things that attracted me to the brand. For example, Glycine makes the KMU 48, which I’ll be reviewing soon, a watch that is quite different from their Combat Sub, the 1914 Bienne, the Eugène Meylan or the Observer. Every one very different yet somehow recognizable as a Glycine.

Although Glycine seems to focus on making watches that are historically reminiscent, the company also makes a few that could be considered dive watches. The Lagunare 1000 and the Lagunare 3000 described here are probably the most focused dive watches made by Glycine, although both would probably not be the first choice of a “real” diver. ... ch-review/



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