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Re: Forum Direction

Post by koimaster » May 7th 2011, 7:59am

Bourbon City wrote:I do not post as often as others. When I do post, I try not to be negative even when it is a negative post and it is a subject I feel something about.

I often type out my reply to a thread and then not hit the send button. I find this lets me particapate with my frustrations vented to satisfaction. There's just no proof that I did so. I do not use profanity even when I type out a ghost reply. I think you will find I use the words shame, darn and heck alot when I post my frustration in a thread.

I find this Forum informative, amusing and entertaining. I spend a lot of time here, even though I don't post on each visit. I am glad to be a member, I hope I post enough times with enough quality comments that I am allowed to stay.


Not about the language, not about posts costs. I don't care about that. I pointed out what bothered me and that is that. The forum is not going to change but the points I made hopefully will be understood.

This forum has never been about numbers and never will be. The stats prove that this small forum is relevant enough without having to recruit new members to bolster egos. We do not have sponsors, never will and we will point out good and bad on watches we all share a passion for,



“Your heart was warm and happy

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Re: Forum Direction

Post by DX » May 8th 2011, 1:59pm

Believe it or not I've been on vacation...

I can see the trend, but in defense of some it's the same as the 1000 yard stare. The battle of js took it's toll on some and some need to get back to watches and forget about js.

If and when js pops his ugly blotted sniffling head again, then call out AH, DX and the rest of Koi's marauders...

I'll try to play nice with the noobs, but in the end I can spot a bloody douche' a mile away.

In respect for Alain and my old friends here. I won't be the one to fuck this forum.
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Re: Forum Direction

Post by CA Crew » May 9th 2011, 4:39am

Koi: 1.It has nothing at all to do with DWC, they can go on doing what they do and I could care less. I am not a member, have no plans to ever be and that is that.

2.It does have something to do with the recent bullshit with TSchilling and someone using a variation of his ID, his family photos (read the tos) and emails and facebook posts made to him

3. It does have something to do with the cut & paste job done recently in regards to deep blue. Read my original post.

4. It does have something to do with assnine remarks like "skull fuck palin". What the hell is something like being posted in an open forum and off topic. Posts like that are no less trollish than " what do you think of my 65mm...."

"Skull f-ck palin." Oh good grief. Jim, similarly to you getting hit unawares with quotes from those on your ignore list, it ticks me off when a member goes political on an open forum, even if I agree with them. You can't not see it.

5. I do not like reading someone posting that we invaded their privacy, threatened them or pretended to be them at other forums. Regardless of whether the person involved had an agenda which I suspect they did, the actions they claim did in fact occur and were done by a member here. It makes us look as bad as WG.

Nothing changes here but for christ sakes, I wish some of you would think before you insert your foot in your mouth. If you want to do so, do it in the members forum.

This is your forum, I am a caretaker and one day I will hand the reins over to someone else to be one of the Admins. With that said, I do not really care what the DWC, XMT or any other forum says about this place. They run their forums as they choose. We run watchlords as the members choose.

Alain, thank you for starting this discussion.

[color=indigo]Compliment alert. Stop here if you don't wanna read some kudos. smile

Your honor and integrity permeate WatchLords, shown most recently by your comments in this thread. Even though just one member's actions can call your reputation into question in the outside watch world, in my opinion, you are dealing with the breach with respect for yourself, the person, TShilling, and members here. That makes all the difference... she says, raising her cup of coffee to you.[/color]
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