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Re: invictaforum(s).com

Post by robert516 » October 24th 2010, 5:50pm

Aqua Homer wrote:You have to be one of the most boring self-important motherfuckers I have ever encountered TVDINNER. Do you actually believe you have a place of importance in the watch forum world? Why do you mention "my many forums, or sites" every fucking time you post. Nobody cares about you, or your contribution to horology, or horology based forums. Do you still list Oris as a "Luxury Brand" on your site?

I was trying to figure out why this motherfucker is so annoying..."self-important". And your also right that nobody cares about this jackass or his pedestrian forum.
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Re: invictaforum(s).com

Post by koimaster » August 14th 2019, 4:22pm

TVDinner wrote:
October 19th 2010, 1:42pm
I own many watch related domain names that point/redirect to the Watch Freeks site. So what. Forum marketing 101.

Why would you think it would go to WG?? They are not smart enough to even own the far more valuable .com domain name for their site's name.

But I guess selling to verticalscope was smart considering they were hacked 2 months into their ownership of several watch fora including watchfreeks and by the way, this forum owns and .org. and they redirect here and to Bestdamnwatchforum.


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