i Nede somme Advice and Idears over Hear...

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Re: i Nede somme Advice and Idears over Hear...

Post by conjurer » February 10th 2019, 7:48pm

Tzimisces wrote:Fuck shopnBC thay sucked when, Thay let my Freind Jim Slelaton Move On!!!!!!!Im saveing my, Money, for jims new Timepeice Designs!!!!!Thay will be gooder then any, Invictas cause Jim is my Freind!!!!!LOL at the Haterz Jim is a Grate WatchMakers.

A bump just for this post, a perfect example of Tz Geek Speak.
Cream rises to the top while jackoffs only leave puddles of rancid jizz.

--Temerity, regarding Bazinga!.
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