Swag-Fest 3! Dress Watches, and Bad Music!!

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Post by anonymous-10 » October 20th 2017, 9:22am

conjurer wrote:Friday bump! Remember, this auction ends tomorrow night at 8:00PM Pacific time!

That theres the mittle of the nite over hear!! Even tHe olden Contree buffay iz closed goddammit!!!
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Re: Swag-Fest 3! Dress Watches, and Bad Music!!

Post by conjurer » October 21st 2017, 12:09pm

In order to gin up a little more dough, I thought I'd shoot some pics of said Bad Music and present to you stupid bastards what sort of stuff you can expect with your watches:

This one would be good for Mort:


We all know that Mort's older than dirt; what you might not know is that Mort's also a follower of the funky new sounds, man. When not getting engaged in altercations over freeze-dried coffee, he can often be found behind the wheel of his Eldo ragtop, cruising down the 'Ville, blasting his Blaupunkt with the fresh remixes, yo. He's a fucking OG, is Mort.

Big Loaf would appreciate this:


The Loaf is a man who appreciates his shine, particularly Apple Pie. Like Megs Bennett said in the TV series Justified, "This is the hard part."

This one's perfect for the upcoming holiday:


It's not often you see CDs with a meth-addicted reindeer as part of the cover art.

I have no words for this one:


And finally:


I really don't have a fucking clue what this one is; I really don't. Up until now, clowns have never really bothered me. But this one is making me change my mind.

So, the lucky winners will find one of these fine CDs in the box with their wartche. You have been warned.

Eight hours to go!
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