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Re: Stand By...

Post by biglove » August 31st 2016, 6:59pm

smellody wrote:$21.97

$21.98 and a bag of Cheetos.
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Re: Stand By...

Post by conjurer » August 31st 2016, 9:18pm

Okey-doke. I'm going to post the rules for the auctions here, so I can cut and paste this shit to save me on typing. Here goes:

Bidding is open to all members. To bid, either post in the auction thread with your bid clearly stated (avoid geekspeak) and will be in US dollars only--no bags of Cheetos, no corn muffins, etc.--or via PM if you wish to remain anonymous. Other posts in the auction thread, whether to bump, break balls, introduce hilarity or whatnot, are fine, but please post nothing but bids in the final hour of the auction. As there will be multiple items in each auction, please specify what you are bidding on (i.e., "$50 on the Patek" or "$25 on the Vacheron Moonphase") to prevent misunderstandings. Some of the watches will be bundled together, and I will specify "Bundle #1," etc. High bid wins. Bidding will end at the official end of each auction, which I will note with each auction (and Russ will, I'm sure, include a timer.) As I work, sometimes my weird work schedule will intrude, and I will hand off the auction to a trusted member to wrap up.

Payment is by Paypal only, unless you PM me with a silent bid beforehand. If you do (and I know you), other payments are possible. I personally prefer Paypal, as I will forward the proceeds ASAP to the Mad Hungarian, and this speeds things along.

I will photograph all items and try my best to describe them, along with their condition. However, all sales are final. I will send out the watches to the winners ASAP after the end of the auction via USPS Priority mail. I ask all winners to add $5 to the winning bids to help cover the price of shipping CONUS. If a member overseas wishes to bid, please PM me so we can discuss additional shipping costs before placing a bid. I will PM winners PDQ after the end of the auctions, or winners can help me out by PMing me with their addresses. I try to make as few trips to the PO to visit the Jolly Lesbian as possible, so if it takes a day or two to make paypal payments after I get the winner's watches in the mail, I don't mind.

So, them's the rules. I've run a few of these for various charities and such, and have never had an issue with any member or any auction. All of these have run extremely fucking smoothly. Plenty of deserving groups have gotten plenty of funds for their good works from Watchlords, and I expect nothing different here.

I'm guessing from the number of donations that we'll have at least two (and possibly more) auctions for the MH, and I thank all the donors and bidders in advance for their uncommon generosity.
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Re: Stand By...

Post by Mortuus Fakeuus » August 31st 2016, 10:38pm

I bid sebben scents and uh korn mufen. glwts,yfg :?
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