2015 Holiday Shriners Auction--Finale!

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Re: 2015 Holiday Shriners Auction--Finale!

Post by conjurer » December 18th 2015, 1:26am

Ofcmark wrote:Got the watch today it looks great. Thanks again John for all your hard work

You bet, Mark. It's a pleasure to do it. All watches have been sent, and this one's in the books.
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Re: 2015 Holiday Shriners Auction--Finale!

Post by Mortuus Fakeuus » December 19th 2015, 2:52pm

Egg-sackly! John, ewe did grate steve jobs hear with them ockshunnings, and sew fourth. Eye love my gnu wartches, thanx 2U and Gerdmeisterflugelhaven... 8-) U guys rok! INAGADDADEVITA!
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Re: 2015 Holiday Shriners Auction--Finale!

Post by TemerityB » December 19th 2015, 3:45pm

fatman wrote:Master wings master peace has arrived safely. Thanks again to John and the donors for this years auctions.


Not bad!

Guys, you all rock, and a special lift o' the mug to conjurer, and the fine lady at his local PO. You all deserve a tip of the cap. The stuff I picked up was much nicer than any right I had to expect. And thank to the donors as well. All-a ya.
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