USA Watch Companies

Watch brands with roots in North America
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USA Watch Companies

Post by koimaster » March 7th 2022, 11:13am

he luxury watch industry has long been dominated by Manufactures based in Europe, mainly Switzerland and less so Germany. And with good reason! Some of the greatest innovations of the watch world, such as the chronograph or the tourbillon, were contrived in France and later perfected in Swiss territory.

Yet the landscape at the end of the 19th century was much different. Industrialization had transformed the United States into a manufacturing powerhouse, and when the same methods & guidelines were applied to watchmaking, the industry was changed forever.

Aaron Dennison, David Turdling, and Edward Howard would go on to found the Waltham Watch Company in Waltham, Massachusetts and make this their business plan. Interestingly, their inspiration was borne of what they observed when they toured the Springfield Armory.


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