Watch brands with roots in North America
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Post by koimaster » November 22nd 2019, 12:01am


As I scour the vast landscape of the Internet in search of vintage timepieces, I often feel like a paleontologist uprooting earth trying to discover the remains of a beast man has never seen. I’ve traveled around the globe and through 25 “O’s” on Google, deciphering murky pictures and misspelled descriptions with the hopes I may find an elusive “T-Rolex.” More often than not I find only the remains of extinct brands wiped off the earth during the quartz meteor.

At first glance, the scattered remains of brands like Wakmann, Nivada, Minerva, and Le Jour appear to be traps for new collectors or an estate dump. However, after digging into the history and looking below the patina surface, we find value beyond the quoted retail in today’s market.

http://www.woundforlife.com/2015/07/20/ ... a-wakmann/
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Post by biglove » November 22nd 2019, 7:11am

Don't know about the veracity of his claims, but an enjoyable read.
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Post by gerdson » November 22nd 2019, 12:41pm

The Wakmann calendar Chronographs are wellmade and indeed the absolute cheapest way to buy a Valjoux 730 (not the earlier version 72C, which if at all existing must be much rarer. )
Most have a stainless steel case, and if You happen to find a chrome or goldplated one, You should be able to find a stainless case and suitable dial and hands at a decent price, if You want to swap out. That is obviously because the watch is sometimes scrapped for the sake of the precious and rather rare movement - either for spares or to build a fake Rolex based on it.
The Regatta watch also described is commonly found, comes either goldplated or chromed, and is quite, well, ugly.
Unfortunately Wakmann also produced true junk, so one needs to be careful.
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