RGM Diver 300 Series 1 Luxury Watch Review

Watch brands with roots in North America
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Re: RGM Diver 300 Series 1 Luxury Watch Review

Post by 3Flushes » August 15th 2018, 9:01am

That's the first severely average watch I've ever seen RGM do, the senses stimulating bezel double detents notwithstanding.- Nothing really wrong with it, but it looks like JAD to me. Maybe Rol (that's what me and his other friends call him) could guil·loche (that's right- TWO syllables goddamit!!!) the lume or something- a divergent cool dial for a diver, IDK. It could be the pics, but it looks really thick considering the skinny little 2892-A2 driving it. Maybe the faraday cage needs the room.

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