Sablier watches

Watch brands with roots in North America
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Sablier watches

Post by koimaster » June 28th 2018, 9:33am

Our Story

When studying history’s greatest innovations, many stemmed from an industry outsider, one with a unique skillset and non-traditional perspective. Sablier’s story proves the same. Founder, Kun-Chi Wu was fated to create the world’s most perfect watch, tailored to the human body and redefining the world of luxury. This is his American Dream.

Kun-Chi’s father returned from war with a “Made in USA” tool kit, which KC would tinker with throughout his childhood. Many things about KC’s father interested and inspired him, including his prized Rolex. Being prohibited from touching the timepiece at a young age, KC grew fascinated with fine watches, which lead to his grandmother giving him a broken watch as a birthday gift. Being Taiwanese, KC could not read the Japanese instructions in the watch’s manual, so he learned enough of the language to make sense of the instructions, then meticulously taught himself about watches and fixed the gift that changed his life’s path.

After earning his Masters in Fine Arts, KC decided to study engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, making him perfect for a career in medical device design. He blended machines with the human body through applicable function, ergonomics, aesthetics and ease of use. This work came naturally to KC, and success followed. With his perspective and skill set, he deconstructed and evaluated all machines around him, including his ever-growing watch collection.

One night, KC fell into a familiar rant to his wife about his watches. They were uncomfortable, hard to read and would scratch easily. They seemed to lack heart and soul. Watches could be so much better. They should be so much better. His wife stopped KC’s tirade. She took KC by the hand and told him, “You’ve spent a fortune trying to find the perfect watch. You’re an artist and an engineer. Build the perfect watch, KC.”

With that charge, he constructed something tailored to the human body, legible to the point of ultimate clarity, meaningful to lovers of quality time, and unlike any other watch on the market. With 11 years of tinkering, 16 manufacturers, 3 failed prototypes and countless hours of dedication, his finest creation to date was complete; Sablier was born.

The patented concave crystal face ensures that glare goes anywhere but the eye. The crown placement at two o'clock fits the wrist perfectly. The wine theme breathes life and quality time into each ticking heartbeat. Sablier Watches prove unparalleled in dedication, design and execution for those who adore time, wine and the finest life has to offer.

Part 2: Sam

Sam found himself in a familiar situation, being the youngest at a table full of seasoned financial advisors. He noticed they all looked the same. The cut of their suits, monogrammed cuffs and clean shaven faces looked fine and uniform. To check the time, Sam pulled out his iPhone and glanced at its face. He felt a judgmental look lash him before changing its glance to a fine wristwatch, sending a silent message. Get a real watch, kid.

Sam took the hint and visited the finest Jewelers in Princeton, New Jersey. While perusing the usual purchases from those in his industry, he came across something unique that caught his eye. Once Sam heard the watch’s story, he was hooked. The jeweler explained that the creator was local, non-traditional and dedicated to excellence. Sam sensed a kindred soul and asked for an introduction.

When Sam met KC, Sablier’s missing part found its place. Sam’s business acumen, affinity for sales and objective judgment complemented KC’s eye of an artist and mind of an engineer. They resolved to go into business together, spread Sablier’s mission and bring clarity and utility to luxury.

Since their union, Sablier has spread from one store for four of the most prominent and well-respected jewelers in the eastern United States. With eyes set on western expansion, Sablier is destined for wine country and the wrists of those seeking a non-traditional approach to new luxury. To learn more about Sablier’s mission and vision, continue the journey here.


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Re: Sablier watches

Post by conjurer » June 28th 2018, 12:13pm

foghorn wrote:I hate the fuck out of those watches. But the seconds hand rawks! Bazinga!

How many times do I have to fucking tell you stupid bastards!?
I find tv watches to be like the guys who raise their truck you need a fricken ladder to get in. It’s a attempt to look cool... that’s all.

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