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Post by nimbleboy » May 6th 2024, 9:36pm

Listen. I just moved from a two-bedroom apartment to a one-bedroom apartment about 50 feet away. There's a woman involved, of course. Her name is Lucy. I'm definitely not trying to slag her; we're mostly good. But she wants to own a place and have a dog and not get the hell out of these so-called united states when we retire. I live in OppositeLucyLand.

I devoted a partial week plus the last three full days to getting into this place. I'm wiped out. But I dragged myself into work, where I got a project dumped on me at 11:of the clock this morning. It's the kind of thing that takes me a few days if I want it to be good. Well, I guess we'll see if it's good enough because I finished it at 7:of the clock, rushed home, changed clothes, and went to see Teenage Fanclub. Forgot to put on a watch. I felt nekkid all night.

Here's a quality photo of Teenage Fanclub. You're welcome and good night.

Is it safe?
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