The 25 Best James Bond Watches, Ranked

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The 25 Best James Bond Watches, Ranked

Post by smellody » April 27th 2024, 8:45pm ... 235590641/

When you think of James Bond and his watches, maybe you immediately conjure an Omega, or perhaps a Rolex from earlier movies. Yet, you might be surprised to learn that behind Omega, Seiko—rather than the Crown—comes in second for the total number of different references worn by the secret agent. Beyond these three brands, there’s actually a slew of timepieces from different makers that went on to grace the wrist of 007 over the course of 25 films across nearly six decades. But which models stole the limelight? Here, we rank the top 25 watches worn by the legendary secret agent. . . .
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Re: The 25 Best James Bond Watches, Ranked

Post by WIStful » April 27th 2024, 9:30pm

I wore the black PVD lume dial Tag 980.031 in the 80s

It wasn't identified as a Bond watch until maybe 2010 or so. There had only been a quick flash or two of it in the movie.

Early example of Internet sleuthing as it was an open question for a number of years what watch Dalton was wearing in the scene or two where there was just a quick glimpse of it.

Bought it for the lume for shipboard wear and a bit of rec diving and hence it lived a hard life, got beat to hell. Actually threw it away in around Y2k before it got identified as a Bond watch, I just saw it as a beat to hell old quartz watch I hadn't worn for a decade and mechanical watches were coming back.

There is still some stuff on internet about the sleuthing to id this watch. Was a big question mark for two decades apparently for Bond watch aficionados.
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Re: The 25 Best James Bond Watches, Ranked

Post by Koutence » May 16th 2024, 1:09am

Wow, what a fascinating rundown of Bond's watches! Who knew Seiko was such a contender in the Bond watch game? I've always been a bit of a watch enthusiast, but I never realized the depth of the choices Bond sported over the years. It's like a journey through time (no pun intended). And hey, speaking of watches, have any of you ever considered replica Panerai watches? I stumbled upon them recently, and they seem to capture that sleek, sophisticated Bond vibe without breaking the bank. Check out replica Panerai watches at if you're curious I mean, who doesn't want to feel a little like 007, right? Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there.
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