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Re: Grailzee

Post by Racer-X » December 3rd 2023, 11:42am

Who Is Grailzee?

Grailzee was founded by serial tech startup founders Kian, Arash and Bryson.

After finding success with their technology startups, they all dove deep into the hobby of luxury watch collecting. They share a common love for watches and cars but never found a safe place to transact watches in a timely manner. Time and time again, all of the major platforms would reveal their share of blind spots and hiccups.

Following the sale of their most recent company for $321,000,000 in 2019, the trio took a few years off. But after one of them was nearly duped into buying a fake Audemars Piguet, they decided it was time to create the safe, reliable platform they wished they had to buy and sell watches. As the only secure luxury watch auction platform, Grailzee has quickly become a favorite place for many enthusiasts and collectors to transact.
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Re: Grailzee

Post by codguy » December 3rd 2023, 11:55am

Never heard of them----------- nor am I interested in having to sign up for yet another spam generating site just to see what a current listing is selling for.

FWIW, Chrono24 isn't an auction site so perhaps the comparison is more like eBay---- without a buy it now option.

Bidding auctions (wartches, firearms, etc) are always rife with fraud------ you never know if you are bidding against a true buyer or the sellers Aunt Harriet jacking up the bid price.


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Re: Grailzee

Post by bbattle » December 3rd 2023, 6:43pm

Also not interested in signing up for another auction site but if this one is really secure and the watches are vouched for, it might be worth a shot.

I avoided bidding wars on eBay by just bidding what I thought the item was worth and then turned the computer off. (back when I bought old bicycles and bicycle parts)

On the other hand, I used to pick up quite a few coins at auctions where the dealers would opt out and I'd bid an extra dollar and get that Mercury dime or Morgan dollar.

It all depends upon how much you are willing to spend and how badly you want that item.

I needed a seatpost for a bicycle I was building. Unfortunately, it was a Peugeot bicycle (French) and so of course had a weird post diameter (40mm). I got outbid on a couple and when another finally came around, I put in a large bid on eBay. Some duffer bid the thing up 15 dollars over asking price before giving up; luckily, I had set my limit to 20 dollars over. That part is the most expensive part on the whole bicycle but I desperately needed it.
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