45 Best Automatics at $500 or less

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45 Best Automatics at $500 or less

Post by bbattle » June 10th 2023, 4:17pm

Of course, many on the "that watch sucks" list are also on this list; it's all a matter of perceived value. At $500, there's going to be trade-offs you don't have to consider when plonking down for that Rolex Explorer or AP Royal Oak.

This Teddy Baldassarre also has a list of Top watches under $150 but I'm not gonna go there. I think we've all already been there, done that.

Here's the link to the article on his blog site: it adds a number of other watches for your consideration.

https://teddybaldassarre.com/blogs/watc ... under-500/

I know that for watches, like many other things in life, there is a curve of diminishing returns. The quality of materials, the quality of the movement, the execution of the design, etc. all reach a maximum or approach it asymptotically so that the only justification for higher prices are the manufacturer's name and quantity.

One can buy a $500 watch that will keep great time, look great, and last a lifetime with servicing. So why spend many, many times more on some other watch? Well, that is up to you. There are many reasons one can utilize but they really only matter to you.

Except when it comes to resale. Then pedigree comes to the fore. Especially with papers and the box. :)
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Re: 45 Best Automatics at $500 or less

Post by gerdson » June 10th 2023, 11:29pm

Yeah, verdammt. But seriously, who would get the idea to rate 45 watches from different brands all in one go? I am certainly not going to watch that shit.
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