Watch winders

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Watch winders

Post by Ofcmark » June 8th 2023, 6:22pm

Greetings, Lords,
My watch winder his seen better days. I was considering buying a new one but there are so many out there. I didn’t know what to buy. I was looking at the wolf they’re very expensive and I’m wondering if they’re actually worth the money. Has anybody got any suggestions to other winders
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Re: Watch winders

Post by 3Flushes » June 8th 2023, 9:21pm

I like setting and syncing my watches but friends who use winders have told me they wound up buying Wolf after others crapped out. IDK how long your current winder lasted — it may be worth stepping up or buying a few over time for comparable outlay.
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Re: Watch winders

Post by DocKlock » June 9th 2023, 5:48am

IMO, if yer wearin yer wartch every day, ya don't gotta wind it. If yer not gonna b wearin it fer a spell, let it wind down.
Puttin a wartch on a winderr is like lettin yer car idle all nite so ya don't gotta start it up in the mornin.
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Re: Watch winders

Post by MAX » June 9th 2023, 11:38am

Anti-winders unite !!!
NRPI here.

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Re: Watch winders

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » June 11th 2023, 2:48pm

For what it's worth, winders aren't exactly a "convenience for the lazy." Some auto movements don't like getting started by winding them manually, and on some of them doing stuff like giving it a shake is a no-no. Notably the common ETA 2824/Sellita SW200 and its clones. For whatever reasons, both methods can fuck up the reversing wheels in the auto winding assembly. Hand-cranking these too often also doesn't go so lightly on the keyless works. So, it's actually healthier for a 2824/SW200/some other 2824 clone to be kept in a winder. A friend had a reversing wheel issue in a Powermatic 80, another had keyless works malfunctioning in an STP 1-11 and in a Sellita SW-200.
For what it's worth, heard from two pro watchmakers about the most common reason for which these movements land up on their workbench. Guess what? Hand-cranking and the "give it a shake" kickstart.
It's not a matter of opinion, just cold facts and a solution to the problem other than "don't buy a 2824."
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