Timex Marlin gets facelift

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Re: Timex Marlin gets facelift

Post by bbattle » March 1st 2023, 6:28pm

The dial looks too "flat" to me. The different textures of the dial and subdial aren't different enough, particularly when the subdial is flush with the dial surface.

I'd prefer the dial without the subdial and perhaps tip the seconds hand in a bit of red. Or not. I haven't gone to the Timex site yet but surely brushed silver isn't the only dial color choice.

Numerals are fine but as usual, that date window just doesn't work. Seems too small, an afterthought. My Marlin has the day/date window which is bigger and so it looks like it belongs; to me. Might just be the silver dial that messes the whole thing up.

And the open heart case back? Skip it and drop the price accordingly.

okay, went to the site, found blue hands with differing dials. An improvement, IMHO. You've got red, white and blue going on here, nothing wrong with that.

And then there's this version:

subdial appears to be a darker black than the dial and the numerals are a reflective metallic.

This one might be the keeper.

I applaud the fact that there is not one cable on any Timex. I thank them for not jumping the shark. In fact, I think Timex is headed in the right direction. I just wish they'd unshackle the designers and let them produce something with minimal price constraints. Just to make some noise and maybe disturb the sleep of those watch companies that seem to be phoning it in. Might be cool, might be Wow!, might be a freakin' disaster. But it would be interesting.
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