Fossil watch of the future

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Fossil watch of the future

Post by svaglic » February 23rd 2023, 3:07pm

I’m going to need someone to explain this one to me. It’s almost making Invicta not look so bad.
Only $251.00 on sale, GTFOOH.
Hideous doesn’t begin to describe it. Happy Meal watches are on par with this.
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Re: Fossil watch of the future

Post by jason_recliner » February 23rd 2023, 5:36pm

Racer-X wrote:
February 23rd 2023, 5:28pm
jason_recliner wrote:
February 23rd 2023, 4:57pm
I like the hologram. Holgrams are cool. I've loved them since that National Geographic in the 80s. But how does it work with the automatic movement?

It doesn't. It's just a hologram over the dial.

Haha! That should make it even harder to read the time after you've already gone to the effort of opening the sundial hatch! Seems like the design team consumed a lot of psychadelics when developing this one.
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