Prices are collapsing

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Re: Prices are collapsing

Post by DoctorIvey » February 9th 2023, 7:59pm

Liar. You don’t mean “couldn’t afford.” You mean would not justify. Which I totally get.
That reminds me of a really funny story my wife told me yesterday. I think you’ll like it, a few here might not think it’s funny or won’t get it but the more you think about it the funnier it gets.
This guy, he’s the VP of a local private college, gets an email from the marketing department. It’s a blurb for an alumni newsletter that features a big doner, it’s like a paragraph, with a picture and some info on the guy (e.g. Dr. Smells generously donated a shit ton of money this year to endow a scholarship for left handed aficionados of oversized TV wartches…) and the VP replies to the effect of “this looks great Kristy can you please just Justify it and send it back to me ASAP for publication?” Then, two days pass and he gets this five page reply that starts with “In the first place, Dr. Smells is a great guy who has consistently funded ridiculous programs at the college….” and ends with “and that’s why I think we should include this paragraph in the newsletter.”
She “justified “ the article. Pretty funny, right?
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