Year in Review 2022. . .what did you get? What does 2023 hold?

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Re: Year in Review 2022. . .what did you get? What does 2023 hold?

Post by jason_recliner » December 24th 2022, 2:16am

conjurer wrote:
December 24th 2022, 12:22am

The Exploder will come down in price. These secondary market prices are fucking insane.
Yep don't stress. Prices have already plummeted, only going down down down now. Interest rate rises have really bitten. Main reason I held off on the kitchen and stuff. I probably could have found somebody if I was desperate but it would cost 50+% more than getting it done in 2023 or 2024. When you consider how much more money you have in 2023 or 2024, it sucks to have an old kitchen but not as much as spending all that money. Same with buying watches this year. Gosh I'm such a tightarse:-(

I'm not too down about the Faberge. It's annoying but it's not like I need the watch. Hopefully everything will work out and I'll get the watch I want, almost a year after buying it. Whatever.

I'm far more annoyed about the DH. All you read on Watch Crunchy and the like is how the micros do amazing customer service and bend over backwards to make things right. Are they just shills? That's pretty much the opposite of my experience.

The guy is buying watches from China for what, $60? $100? Sells them for $280. Wouldn't you assume some are going to be junk and factor that in? If it was me I'd just send the customer a new watch and ask my manufacturer for a refund. To make me go to a watchmaker, prove the battery is fine, and then send the watch back myself is really poor IMO. Not happy about this one at all.
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Re: Year in Review 2022. . .what did you get? What does 2023 hold?

Post by Nuvolari » December 24th 2022, 9:38am

That’s legit, Recline!

Shit breaks, there can be QC issues, it happens. But the run-around-jump-through-these-hoops-nope-not-our-problem approach is infuriating! It’s a chance to shine - and instead you insinuate your customers are lying.

My purchases are largely impulsive. I don’t think I bought anything this year… maybe a couple throw backs from my fellow Lords. I don’t really have a list and think I may have everything I want.

But, who knows, in 2023 I may have another think coming…
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