WIS Should Embrace Wearing Small Watches

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WIS Should Embrace Wearing Small Watches

Post by koimaster » November 15th 2022, 12:17am

Even just a couple decades ago, if you bought a men’s wristwatch, it was probably small. Really small. Like, just-a-smidge-bigger-than-a-Kennedy-half-dollar small. For nearly as long as men have been wearing watches on their wrists, watches ranged from about 33 to 36 millimeters, and those that were any larger were stylistic outliers and chunky sports watches. In fact, some large watch designs from way back were derided for being unnecessarily big.

Since then, the times have changed, but the virtues of a small watch remain unchanged. Here's why you should consider erring on the smaller side nice time you're considering a new timepiece. See our full small watch guide for our favorites.

https://www.gearpatrol.com/watches/a476 ... mhCIWbFKBU


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