Moon On The Wrist In Five Distinct Styles

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Moon On The Wrist In Five Distinct Styles

Post by koimaster » November 13th 2022, 11:21am

After we’ve taken a closer look at five very cool watches that put the Earth on your wrist one way or another just last week, this time around we move over to our nearest neighbour, the Moon. This satellite of our beautiful planet has been there forever and has guided us through time on our explorations of our home planet. Instrumental in the early days of telling time, the moon has always been a major influence on watchmaking. So it makes perfect sense to compile a Buying Guide of what we think are some of the most distinct styles of moon phase watches you can get, from the very comical to the superbly complex and everything in between. So without further ado, let’s get straight into the details!


With HYT you’re never short on horological spectacle, but the complex HYT Moon Runner takes things up a notch or two. Already a stand-out watch due to the meca-fluidic retrograde hour display, the Moon Runner adds several complications to it, most notably the spherical moon phase display. Set in the centre of the watch, an arched bridge coming down from the top indicates the exact age of the moon. Running around it are two discs for the month and date. one step further out we find a hand that follows the minute track. The open construction of the dial even allows for a peak of the bellows underneath that drive the fluids in the capillary. Available in Red Magma, Supernova Blue or Neon White, the HYT Moon Runner is always limited and priced between CHF 120,000 and CHF 130,000 ... nmmHZAsHXI


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