Classic Time-Only, Manual-Wind Watch

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Classic Time-Only, Manual-Wind Watch

Post by koimaster » October 2nd 2022, 7:39pm

I’m of the opinion that every watch collection should include a time-only, manual-wind watch. There’s a comforting element to a watch that tells the time simply yet is dependent on manual input to run. In a multi-watch collection, there’s less stress in winding and setting a manual caliber than what is required with an automatic with a date complication or worse. There are no off-limits windows of time for adjusting it because there’s no date or other complication to set. A hand-wound watch is happy enough to be wound and worn when needed and just as happy to wait in the wings until the next winding. Plus, there’s generally a symmetry and classiness that no other watch style quite delivers.

In my quest for ever-more accurate watches with longer and longer power reserves, I find myself missing the user input aspect. I just acquired a new G-Shock, and though it’s a solar quartz and thus requires very little from me, I’m enjoying having buttons, alarms, and world-time functions to fiddle with. After wearing any given watch for a while, I enjoy switching back to an automatic, performing that initial winding and setting. But automatics (and accurate ones at that) do a fairly good job of maintaining the time once wound, set, and on the wrist. That’s kind of the point. Plus, with some manufacturers’ insane power reserves of five days or longer, some automatics are approaching quartz watches in their ability to coolly tick away with minimal user input. I like watches. To some extent I need watches. It would be nice to feel needed in return. ... NAs9iO8iKU


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