Too Early for Christmas?

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Too Early for Christmas?

Post by bbattle » September 30th 2022, 3:15pm

Wife took me to look at a watch. I liked the watch. I believe she will buy the watch for me as a Christmas gift; it will also be my birthday present and anniversary present. Probably for years to come. Or she's got the world's longest honey-do list on the planet all typed up.

Digging around this site, I was surprised at how little love there was for this watch model; especially given the brand attached to it.

If/when the watch arrives, my other watches will be insanely jealous. Some will have to go; what with the neighborhood getting all upscale and all.

The shop has other watches. They've been reliably sourced, serviced, and warranted. Prices according to my Duck-Duck-Go searching seem good. That Waltham pocket watch was really cool.
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