BEST fit – Wrist Measuring Guide

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BEST fit – Wrist Measuring Guide

Post by koimaster » August 21st 2022, 12:57pm

Once you have chosen your watch, it’s of THE utmost importance that the bracelet fits! Our wrist measuring guide will make sure your Oakleigh sourced watch fits you straight out of the box. Comfort, style, and safety should be your key priorities.

Scan your eyes down the page for our expert advice on how to measure your wrist, all designed to help your watch withstand the test of time.

The easiest way to measure your wrist size is with a flexible measuring tape. If you don’t have access to a measuring tape, you can improvise with a narrow piece of paper or a piece of string and a standard ruler.

Ps. Most watch strap measurements are given in millimetres.

Wrist Measuring Guide – 4 Top Tips

Because your body retains water throughout the day, your wrist is going to be a little larger at the end of the day as opposed to the beginning.
Your wrist is also going to be slightly larger when your hand and palm are open as the wrist bone adjusts when you make this movement.
It will also be a little larger when you’re warm than it is when you’re cold
You will need to consider your preference when it comes to where you like to wear your watch on your wrist and measure that section accordingly. Also give a little thought to whether you like it to be snug or with a little movement. ... ing-guide/


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Re: BEST fit – Wrist Measuring Guide

Post by MAX » August 22nd 2022, 4:16am

Well, duh!

Article appears to have been written by a size queen. (favorite word larger)
NRPI here.

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