Why some mid-tier brands move upmarket

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Why some mid-tier brands move upmarket

Post by koimaster » May 13th 2022, 7:03pm

(and others don't)?

Oris is one brand rising in price but I do not think from demand. I do not see it as a better watch then Longines, Tissot, or Hamilton. Thoughts?


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Re: Why some mid-tier brands move upmarket

Post by svaglic » May 13th 2022, 7:13pm

Nomos moved up market very quickly and easily.
While I like my Oris, I can’t say the quality is up market. Maybe it’s just a phase. Some Tissots and Hamilton’s are able to be bought for a cheap price on various sites and their quality isn’t bad at all.
I think my Raymond Weil and Rado are every bit as good as the Oris, if not better, and they have awesome sales on them.
I don’t see Oris being better or as good as Longines or Montblanc.
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Re: Why some mid-tier brands move upmarket

Post by ocean » May 13th 2022, 8:26pm

Oris is a decent watch but I do believe all three you mentioned are a step above Oris yes there’s a range of prices in all of them. Mido probably blows away Oris in the fit and finish of the product and priced in the same amount. I believe that many companies moving up market might have to really look at what others are producing at about the same cost.
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Re: Why some mid-tier brands move upmarket

Post by 3Flushes » May 15th 2022, 3:02am

The top end of the line with the 400 series movements competes pretty well. Most impressive is the 10 year service interval and 10 year warranty on 4 HZ movements with top notch magnetic resistance, 5 day power reserve, and by all accounts, COSC accuracy. The textured finish was nothing to write home about.

Looked at a Diver that had a great looking blue sun ray dial and was nicely finished. The fit was solid, the bezel action was quick with solid stops, and the screw down crown was easy to engage and smooth as silk. I also really liked the bracelet that was about on par with my PO's. I thought it was a nice watch for the price - $3200'ish as I recall, and a clearly a step above their standard offerings.

As to their overall standing in the market I'd say they are competitive with Tissot and Hammy.
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Re: Why some mid-tier brands move upmarket

Post by boscoe » May 24th 2022, 1:32pm

Having owned them all at one time or another, I'd give Longines a modest edge over Hamilton & Tissot and rate Oris badly based on customer service and quality.
Some years back my new Oris Aquis clasp kept popping open - direct from a authorized retailer. Suspect it was slightly bent. Posted the experience here. Oris factory rep told me to fuck off - and I was imagining things on a new $1,000 watch that would pop open as a drove my motorcycle and dangle from my wrist..
Sold it, will never buy another. Years ago a briefly owned an Oris dress watch (big date???), which I bought on TV and it was still over-priced.
My Longines dive watch with the new ceramic bezel feels and looks like quality, which I can't say for all Hamiltons and certainly not Tissot, which seems hit and miss.
These brands don't have the fit and finish of Omega, Panerai, Breitling, Rolex etc.
Agree with svaglic, none of these are premium brands and I can't see why they'd move up in price or cachet. All are decent, sturdy, not spectacular.
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