Anthony the Blue Wiggle & fake watches

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Anthony the Blue Wiggle & fake watches

Post by koimaster » March 25th 2022, 9:13am

“I promise I don’t have a real Patek.” OK, this is weird, Anthony the Blue Wiggle insists his watches are fake

Curiouser and curiouser. Yesterday I posted a story about Anthony “the Blue Wiggle” Field and how he’s been repeatedly spotted wearing the ultimate IT watch, a Patek Philippe Tiffany Blue. The story generated a real buzz on the T+T site as Anthony is, of course, a founding member of the beloved kid’s entertainers, The Wiggles. By wearing this incredibly rare hype watch he joined the ranks of other high-profile owners that include Jay-Z, LeBron James and Leonardo DiCaprio. And while the Blue Wiggle’s name might not automatically trip off the tongue in such company, on reflection, it also made sense. The Wiggles are, after all, phenomenally successful and Anthony is a deservedly wealthy man. But here’s where things got weird. Anthony must have seen our story as yesterday he posted a denial on his Instagram claiming his watch is, in fact, a fake. “Like my teeth, my watches are replica (sic)!” he wrote. “I promise I don’t have a real Patek!” ... -are-fake/


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