The Watch as a Family Heirloom

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The Watch as a Family Heirloom

Post by koimaster » March 15th 2022, 4:15pm

Few products come close to carrying as much emotional, sentimental, and historical value as a timepiece. What’s more, because of their construction, these mechanical marvels are built to last—and not just for one generation, but for many.

​In fact, if you ask someone who is sporting a vintage watch on his or her wrist, there’s a good chance it was passed down to him or her from an older family member. For instance, more than half of the watches I have in my personal collection—which includes timepieces by Rolex, Longines, OMEGA, and Blancpain—are from my mother, father, grandfather, or grandmother. I don’t just love wearing these watches because of their beauty, but also because every time I look at them, each brings back so many fond memories. ... y-heirloom


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Re: The Watch as a Family Heirloom

Post by boscoe » March 16th 2022, 4:03pm

Watches don't mean shit these days.
My Gen X son now has his great-granddad's solid gold Concord - with a dated engraved case saluting his government work by name - and never wears it saying, "Dad, I tell time with my cellphone." I cherished the watch and faithfully restored it to original when I inherited on MY dad's death. He got it from HIS dad. Maybe my grandson (now 9) will keep it as a curiosity - but I don't think he'll ever wear it either. Going back to my granddad's father, there are SIX of us sharing the same name that's on the watch case.
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