10 Watches That Polarize Opinion

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Re: 10 Watches That Polarize Opinion

Post by bbattle » January 5th 2022, 5:28pm

I can agree with a lot of his choices.

While I wouldn't buy either one, I do prefer the looks of the older Explorer to that larger monstrosity Rolex changed it to.

Richard Mille: extremely expensive ugliness.

Same with the AP watches but apparently, people with way too much money like to buy weird looking watches. Or maybe it's just all those overpaid footballers in Europe that are buying them.

That Tudor watch was just weird looking.

The SARB017 Alpinist is also selling above list price; if you can still find one. I liked the cream dial but thought the "real" Alpinist was the green dial one. I seem to recall Seiko catching flak for swapping the 6R15 movement out of a lot of their watches for that "other" movement.

No argument with DW being in the mix. I've seen those cheap cases in so many kikstatr watches.

Amazingly, the 800lb. gorilla of polarizing watches was never mentioned. Perhaps the reviewer felt it beneath him to so do or maybe it's the subject of another podcast.
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