Crash Course In Flieger & B-Uhren Watches

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Crash Course In Flieger & B-Uhren Watches

Post by koimaster » December 8th 2021, 9:46am

A Crash Course In Flieger (Pilot) And B-Uhren (Navigator) Watches Covering Both Historic And Modern Examples (A Pilot’s Watch Photofest!)

by Bhanu Cho

A “flieger” is a pilot or aviator-style watch. The majority of modern flieger watches are inspired by the now-iconic German B-Uhren and pilot’s watches of World War II.

As fliegers (as I like to call them) have become a genre unto themselves rather than a narrow definition of a type of pilot’s watch, I figured it was time for a crash course in the topic.

I begin at the beginning with the B-Uhren that were worn by a plane’s navigators, followed by the flieger chronographs issued to the pilots, and finish with a brief overview of noteworthy modern German-style pilot’s watches that were inspired by the historical fliegers. ... =affiliate


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Re: Crash Course In Flieger & B-Uhren Watches

Post by DoctorIvey » December 11th 2021, 6:17am

bbattle wrote:
December 8th 2021, 10:33am
Love the pun!

Fun fact: the world's first civilian flight school was founded by the Wright Brothers in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1910.
Here’s another fun fact: Actor Bob Cummings (star of Hitchcock’s Saboteur and Dial M for Murder) was taught to fly by his godfather, Wilbur Wright. In High School Cummings gave local Joplin residents rides in his airplane for five dollars, and when the government began licensing flight instructors, Cummings was the first, receiving flight instructor license #1.
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Re: Crash Course In Flieger & B-Uhren Watches

Post by bbattle » March 4th 2022, 8:08pm

I've got a flieger 'A' and a flieger 'B' from San Martin. I thought they might encourage me to get a Laco or even a Sinn flieger but the darn Chinese bronze fliegers just keep on truckin'.

Now, I know a Sinn is mighty superior but the hill is steep. And with warm weather almost upon us, there are other things to put the money towards.
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