6 Modern “Retro” Watches

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6 Modern “Retro” Watches

Post by koimaster » August 30th 2021, 8:20am

When retro-inspired watches are modeled after specific predecessors, fans of mechanical timekeeping can “grasp” design history. In this feature from the WatchTime archives, we take a look at six watches that awaken a longing for the past.


https://www.watchtime.com/featured/touc ... 728bd6f117


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Re: 6 Modern “Retro” Watches

Post by jason_recliner » August 30th 2021, 7:23pm

Useless advertorial article. What happened to journalism for the purpose of education? What happened to writing that is, you know, interesting? Why not discuss watches that people might not already know literally everything there is to know about, such as the Milus Snow Star (and probably loads of other we've also never heard of)?

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