Great Time to Buy Not Rolex

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Great Time to Buy Not Rolex

Post by jason_recliner » August 28th 2021, 10:48am

Seems like every other idiot has blown their loads on inflated Rolex. And to a lesser extent Seiko and Omega. Many, many great deals to be had on other great wartches! Enjoy, and be sure to stay safe!!!

One of the best watches I've ever owned: ... 5.5333963/

Offer him US$1,200 - why the fuck not?

Always fancied a Tutima: ... n.5335338/


An Ikepod is signficant: ... ad.132336/

US$1200 sounds fair.

These are great. But not US$1,600 great: ... e.5334921/

Maybe US$1,000?
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