Does this look too small

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Does this look too small

Post by koimaster » August 14th 2021, 11:50pm

OPINION: The answer to the eternal question “Does this look too small on my wrist?”

We’ve all heard the line “Does my bum look big in this” on cheesy TV sitcoms and yet I’ve never heard a woman say this in real life. What I do see on a regular basis is men asking “Does this look small on me?” while showing off watches that are, if anything, usually too big.

I’d like to make a joke that size has always mattered to men, but as anyone who likes vintage watches will tell you, that’s not the case. Mid last century, most watches were elegant, slim and, by today’s standards, small – and when I say small, I actually mean perfectly proportioned. But these days most watches aren’t about elegance and fashion – they’re about manliness.

This is why Panerais are hot property, even though they can look ludicrous on anyone who isn’t as beefy as Sylvester Stallone.

This is why the term “fashion watch” is used as an insult in the comments sections of watch sites and forums.

And … that’s right … this is why watch forums are swamped with wrist shots followed by that eternal, plaintive question about size. ... -my-wrist/


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