“fit and finish” of a watch

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“fit and finish” of a watch

Post by koimaster » July 28th 2021, 3:24pm

What does the “fit and finish” of a watch actually mean and should I even care?

“Fit and Finish”. If you search watch forums enough or eyeball videos on Youtube, you will undoubtedly run into this term. Initially, I had an inkling as to what it was referencing, but I hadn’t grasped its importance or whether I should even care. But as I started to dig deeper, I began to get a better handle on what fit and finish really means to a collector and when it should matter. This is what I’ve found.

https://timeandtidewatches.com/what-doe ... even-care/


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Re: “fit and finish” of a watch

Post by Mark1 » July 28th 2021, 3:26pm

Fit and finish can be hard to explain. Good fit and finish is something you recognize and appreciate when you find it.
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