Unca Sam Wants U2 See These Watches

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Unca Sam Wants U2 See These Watches

Post by koimaster » July 21st 2021, 9:42am

Watch Spotting Uncle Sam Wants YOU To See These Watches, Which We Found In Government Archives

Uncovering what scientists, explorers, and engineers wore on their wrists.

I rise today to celebrate government bureaucracy, or at least one single facet of it. Its ability to catalog, track, and organize information is awe-inspiring, and in the case of the United States of America, there are thorough records dating back to the era before we became an independent nation, all the way up to multimedia archives of events that happened yesterday. It's all there. If you’ve listened to an investigative podcast in the past five years, you're probably familiar with journalists using the Freedom of Information Act to uncover important details and back up stories holding institutions and individuals accountable. Instead I used it to ask the US government to send me documents and pictures from their multitude of archives so I could do some historical watch-spotting, and in one case, help get watches back where they belong.

Browsing through archives and sharing these pictures on social media led me to Justin Couture, the man behind the historical horology blog The Wristorian. After we connected, whenever either one of us would find an interesting photograph we'd share it with each other and slowly, we built an unofficial library of the best watch shots from places few had looked before. Justin and I did the hard work of narrowing down photographs to 16 examples that each tell a fascinating story. To most people out there, the watch might be an annotation, if it's thought of at all, but in our world it's the star of the show.

I will warn you, however, that looking at these watches will lead you down rabbit holes you probably didn't even know existed(just wait until you see the gnathodynamometer). Imagine if the entire HODINKEE readership – which represents a diverse global audience – took a moment to browse their nations' photo repositories to identify watches and the stories they're connected to. If you do find something interesting, comment below and tell us the story, or use the hashtag #watchthearchives when sharing it on social media so we can build our own archive of historically significant watches.

https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/uncle ... t-archives


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