Different Types Of Travel Watches

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Different Types Of Travel Watches

Post by koimaster » July 18th 2021, 10:05pm

question that periodically arises when we cover multi-time-zone watches is, what is it that really sets one apart from the other? There are a number of different solutions to the problems of showing the time in more than one time zone and, while some of them resemble each other superficially, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and each offers its own unique take on showing you what time it is both where you are and where you are not.

The multi-time-zone watch is an interesting complication – unlike many other complications, such as the moon-phase and equation of time, and even the perpetual calendar, it is not based on recurring natural events, but rather on an invented convention, which is the division of the world into time zones. Each time zone follows a standard mean time across the entire time zone; prior to the development of standard times, the time was simply the local solar mean time. This meant, of course, that every town and village separated by longitude had a slightly different time, which didn't matter very much at all until the invention of the railroad – the first standard time was so-called Railway Time, which was adopted in 1840 by the Great Western Railway in the UK. This time standard used GMT across the entire rail network. In 1879, Scottish-born Canadian engineer Sir Sandford Fleming proposed the division of the world into 24 standard time zones, and by 1900, most countries had adopted some form of standard time, which gradually evolved into the system we know today.

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