Watch Strap Sizing All Wrong

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Watch Strap Sizing All Wrong

Post by koimaster » June 18th 2021, 10:39am

HODINKEE Radio Most Of You Are Thinking About Watch Sizing All Wrong – And Mark Cho's Got The Data To Prove It

The style arbiter did a survey about watch and wrist sizes, and the results will surprise you.

This week we're bringing back a HODINKEE Radio alum, Mr Mark Cho, the co-founder of style destination The Armoury and co-owner/proprietor of London haberdasher (and HODINKEE collaborator) Drake's. Mark joined us all the way back in episode 43, but after seeing him give a virtual lecture at the Horological Society of New York back in April, I knew we had to get him back on the pod ASAP.

You might remember from that original episode that Mark is obsessed with smaller watches and why people like watches of various sizes. So in 2018 he launched an online survey to get a sense of how people thought about the size of their wrists and what size watches they liked best. The survey ended up running for almost three years and he got almost 2,000 data points in all – and the results are fascinating. I'm not going to spoil too much – you've got to listen to the episode for the details – but it turns out that most of us are a bit obsessed and delusional when it comes to our own wrists and why we like the watches we like. Mark walks us through how he designed the survey, what he found, and what questions he still wants to answer, plus we answer a few audience questions that he wasn't able to get to in that original lecture (which you should also watch if you haven't already). ... wrist-size


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Re: Watch Strap Sizing All Wrong

Post by Mark1 » June 18th 2021, 3:18pm

Falstaff wrote:
June 18th 2021, 12:25pm
38 + minutes of listening to some heathen Oriental opine about watch sizing? I'd much rather be drawn, quartered and have my severed head displayed on a pike in front of the Waffle House in Okaloosa, Alabama.
You must mean lower Alabama. I don't know if there is an Okaloosa in Alabama. There is an Okaloosa county on the Florida panhandle. The world's largest military base, Eglin AFB is located there. This GI spent the first four years of my 22 there. My nephew is now stationed at nearby Hurlburt Field. He lives in Okaloosa's county seat in Crestview.
In my time there people often referred to the area as lower Alabama. Truth is some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are there. Waffle House, for those unaware, is a step below Dennys. They are all over the South and many are open 24/7. I may have dined there a time or two late night in a desperate attempt to sober up before running the gauntlet (getting by the guard gate on base.)
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