Why Are Four Iconic Watches Being Revamped?

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Why Are Four Iconic Watches Being Revamped?

Post by koimaster » April 22nd 2021, 11:58pm

Is this pure coincidence? Indeed, four of the most iconic watches on the market currently are all being revamped within a few months. While it is certainly not new to see brands digging up pieces from their archives for new releases, what’s more surprising is to see products with notorious desirability or even waiting lists being discontinued. These highly successful watches are reimagined, while they certainly didn’t need to be revamped in order to ensure commercial success. Surely, emblematic models have always evolved to stay relevant. But there is more. Managing availability and exclusivity is key to fuel envy and to create desirability.

https://monochrome-watches.com/why-are- ... -revamped/


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Re: Why Are Four Iconic Watches Being Revamped?

Post by gerdson » May 8th 2021, 11:08pm

You mean, more profitable is better.

Indeed, a watch that sells "on it's own", at first glance there should not be a need to change anything. Technical innovation and the pride in this does (hopefully) also matter. Some other ideas:
- tools may have to be replaced anyways, so it is a good time for a change
- You have calculated that by stop making the original one, You can later do even absurdly more money with select limited editions of the same
- new models will more easily allow even higher prices, as "You can't compare apples to pears"
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