solitary watchmaker and hand-made watches

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solitary watchmaker and hand-made watches

Post by koimaster » April 14th 2021, 11:50pm

From purist:

Mar 23, 2021,08:27 AM

I have been thinking about how a hand-made watch can be made by one person, and was provoked by a recent article by Vincent V. Cherico in the Watch & Clock Bulletin from NAWCC. The article is copyrighted so you will have to go to NAWCC to get the whole thing, but here is his opening page:

In this article, Cherico makes the amazing statement that

"Perhaps the most important thing to know about English “watchmakers” in the 18th and early 19th centuries is that they rarely spent any time making watches!"

“Watch-maker” might have originally denoted a single person making a watch out of rough materials; but this was the case only in the infancy of the art. That is, until the demand for pocket watches became so great that they became commercial objects. Division of labor was found to speed up their manufacture; and each specialty (there were many!) had its own tools and tradesmen. Thousands of families (yes, children too) were employed creating individual components, without needing communicate with or compete with other specialists, who were making different parts. The capital investment in tools was reduced for the single-item producer, and skills and speed could be improved more easily than for those trying to make a watch themselves. ... .12936111/


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