Presidental watches - Cold War

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Presidental watches - Cold War

Post by koimaster » April 5th 2021, 1:46pm

The Cold War is a very unique and interesting conflict, especially with respect to the previous global conflict that had engulfed world superpowers; World War Two. This conflict is generally seen as having started in 1947, when Bernard Baruch first used the term in Columbia, South Carolina State House.

What was so unique about the Cold War was its very nature, this was not a battle fought and won through direct military conflict like World War Two. This was a battle that played out largely in the minds and hearts of citizens, a battle between two different political ideologies – communism and capitalism. Moreover, this was a conflict that spread across the world – actually including several other smaller wars like the Vietnam War or the Angolan Civil War. To be more specific, the Cold War was largely a war of information, although it did include several military conflicts.

The Cold War was also an extremely long conflict, ending officially on December 31st, 1991 with the end of the Soviet Union. Previously, the Berlin Wall had come down in 1989.

The leaders throughout the decades of the Cold War were eminently important to the resolution of the war, what we want to do today is go through the roles of some of the most important political and military figures of the day…with a focus on what was on their wrist while they were keeping the world from nuclear holocaust. ... ar-edition


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