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Post by koimaster » March 20th 2021, 10:49pm

In lieu of the recent dispute between LVMH and Tiffany & Co., we wanted to take a look at a previous case between Bréguet-Bréting and Taubert fréres S.A. regarding Taubert’s patent for a watch case over 70 years ago.

We previously mentioned Taubert when we covered the world’s first center chronograph by Mido. Taubert is an old casemaking company whose origins go back to François Borgel, a casemaker who invented a screwdown caseback in 1891 (one of the first after Dennison’s in 1872). Taubert et Fils was created from the remnants of Borgel’s company in 1924 and continued to make the ‘Borgel screw case’. They also had other developments in the late 1920s and ‘30s, among them several patents. One of those patents was CH 156807, which is the subject of the dispute between Taubert and Bréguet-Bréting (Fils de J.Bréguet-Bréting à Bienne). CH 156807 was a patent for a ‘boîte de montre hermétique’ or a hermetic watch case. This watch case was decagonal and by having 10 flat sides Taubert was able to secure the case in a more attractive fashion, using smaller apertures to lock it in position. They applied for the patent on May 8th, 1931 and it was accepted about a year later, on August 31st, 1932.

This design was deemed to be impractical and was revised shortly after its original release. This time the front bezel was made one piece and only the caseback was removable. As the movement could only be mounted from the back, it was put inside a carrier ring, and to keep the carrier ring in place an inner cover was added.

This particular case was extremely successful and is most notably seen on the Patek Philippe ref. 1463 – the brand’s first waterproof chronograph. Taubert also made cases for several other companies, mentioned in court documents from this case were Mido, Movado, and West End Watch Co. – the Swiss-Indian collaboration.

https://montrespubliques.com/long-reads ... ch-lawsuit


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