Five Modern Retro-Styled Watches (from Quill & Pad)

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Five Modern Retro-Styled Watches (from Quill & Pad)

Post by Datsun240Z71 » March 4th 2021, 6:41am

I like them all! ... and-seiko/

Five Modern Retro-Styled Watches From Jaeger-LeCoultre, Panerai, Breitling, Blancpain, And Seiko
by Sabine Zwettler

The “good ol’ days” aren’t over yet – at least in the world of mechanical watches, where the appreciation of traditions and the creation of lasting values are as essential as the balance wheel and the escapement.

And, not surprisingly, the nature of these instruments haven’t changed much since the watch made its way onto the wrist about 100 years ago. Few other accessories keep the values of ancient craftsmanship alive as much as a mechanical watch.

Although small in size, a wristwatch conserves the design, colors, and lifestyles of past decades to accompany us on frequent trips down memory lane.

Here are five recent watches that effortlessly check all the boxes for a successful modern-day vintage-style timepiece.
Randy in Nashville
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