Seeking Value-premium watches at reasonable prices?

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Seeking Value-premium watches at reasonable prices?

Post by koimaster » January 2nd 2021, 11:02pm

what still represents good value in the world of premium watchmakers and haute horology?

In an ideal world everyone would like to buy a watch that they like, that is either available without a wait (or better yet with a discount) if buying from an AD, or at least that hasn't seen bubblicious pricing if buying from a grey market dealer, and/or if buying used that has perhaps devalued a bit from new but won't devalue any or much further.

I realise much of this is driven by taste in watches and subjective values, but for the sake of this discussion, lets try to meet some or all of the following criteria:

1. If used should have reached the bottom of the devaluation trend and now be stable or heading upwards

2. Whether used or Grey market 'new', should not be priced higher retail for a new example from the AD

3. If a particularly hot discontinued model where Retail isn't a factor, should offer value compared to the new model, or be an under-appreciated version that is priced low

And possibly...

4. A watch where there exists an opportunity for arbitrage between continents/currencies/import-duty regimes - after all (putting aside covid for the moment) you can get a ticket to just about anywhere for a grand or less most of the time and just wear it back through the border... ;)


5. If a Rolex stainless sports model, available for at least close to Retail in the Grey Market.

What we're looking for here is "bang for the buck" - maybe not the obvious choices - but the watches that still represent great value.

So.... Here's my picks.

Stainless Rolex sports....
Rolex: 126600 - Sea Dweller 43, stainless, red lettering - around $12k used/grey vs $13k from AD
Rolex: 126620 - Yachtmaster 40, stainless, blue dial - around $11k vs retail of $14k from AD

I'm not going into model numbers here, but plenty used models in great condition available around the $4000 mark, which surely has to be one of the best 'bang for the buck' deals out there at the moment.

Patek Phillipe
- Calatrava Pilot travel time in white gold $30k-50k

Vacheron Constantin
- Overseas: 4500v - Stainless - start from 17k, or 21k for the blue dial, vs 25kplus new from AD

Audemars Piguet
- Royal Oak Offshore Navy - white dial - around $20k used and again a stunning watch for the price

There's more of course, arguably some Rolex 2 tone are great value just now, as are some IWC rose gold models, and some of the smaller sized older Holy Trinity watches.... but what's your choice?


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