Half In The Shed, Out In The Bag... With Minimal Damage: Eco-Drive Redemption

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Half In The Shed, Out In The Bag... With Minimal Damage: Eco-Drive Redemption

Post by Nuvolari » December 6th 2020, 12:38pm

This fucking Eco-Drive.

I found it on fleabay around 2006 and it was my second online watch purchase. At that time, I had recently successfully received a cool Seiko 5 that was, as described, brand new in box.

This ecodrive was described the same way... it looked cool, and I ended up winning it with a low bid.


Well, when it showed up the damn thing had a wear mark on the non-citizen leather band and, I would learn later, it also had the wrong case back. Can you believe that shit? The product sold as “new” wasn’t actually new! That had to have been the first time that had ever happened in the history on the Fleabaying...


It took a shit within a few years and would only hold a charge for about an hour once lighting disappeared. So, Tam The Watchmaker replaced the capacitor in 2009 which seemed to do the trick.

Recently after setting it and letting it charge in the sun for a day the damn movement could not manage to reset the chronograph. Then at night, it would stop working.

So... based on years of patient research - it would appear the capacitors are functional for roughly a decade. Like some of Casio’s ten year batteries, basically.

Essinger (sp?) hooked me up with a new one. Installation went swimmingly well, assuming one had been swimming in Vodka. There was one delicate part that took a little damage... so, a real watchmaker might say, “gawd DAMN, who did THiS!?”. Which is what your real barber would say after you went to Supercuts...

Said part was bent into compliance and it wasn’t elegant...


Buuuuuut... now the shit works like new. And, not to brag, but my headache is gone, too...

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Re: Half In The Shed, Out In The Bag... With Minimal Damage: Eco-Drive Redemption

Post by biglove » December 6th 2020, 1:09pm

Good job, Nuvo. And a sharp looking watch, to boot.

If I have learned anything from the very minimal battery changes and my numerous battles with Seiko and Citizen's pin and collar systems, it is that I could never be a watchmaker.
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