Banned at the RLT forum by a doxa fanboi

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Banned at the RLT forum by a doxa fanboi

Post by koimaster » October 26th 2020, 1:47pm




Dumb fanboi did not like my response to him after he changed my response about doxa. I also note he deleted my final response to him comparing doxa to invicta and that doxa had a 2 man "factory" which is in a building no where near the rolex complex as they claimed. I also stated that the only reason doxa could claim "swiss made" was due to the higher labor costs in the land of cheese, otherwise they are chinese made. I have the thread in PDF which I will post later but not any better than wus. 47,000 ghost members aka bots and spammers.

The Watch Forum – Best Military Watch Forum 3.5 out of 5 stars

The Watch Forum is a small but tight community that has been around since 2001. With 40,000 members it can’t rival Watchuseek and Timezone, but two things stand out with this forum: their crowdfunding effort and the military watch section. Especially the military watch thread is a real gem, and in my opinion, This is my preferred military watch forum on the web today.

Furthermore, their crowdfunding initiative is a great idea and you can ask to get funding for your own Kickstarter ideas or elect to invest in someone else’s watch startup.

The forum itself has a different design compared to the others. Instead of being divided into brands, it consists of general threads like “Japanese watches”, “Vintage watches” and “Electronic watches”


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Re: Banned at the RLT forum by a doxa fanboi

Post by biglove » October 26th 2020, 4:12pm

Likely an avid Dirk Pitt fan, he has read all the books dozens of times. Finds his one Doxa he owns to be "better than Rolex/Omega/Breitling/Patek/AP, etc..."

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