Sunday Drive Discoveries

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Sunday Drive Discoveries

Post by Nuvolari » October 19th 2020, 9:28am

I took off with the dog and a loose plan to check out some off-the-beaten path back roads with my faithful companion and a Mk II Speedy. That watch was one of the New Originals, not a reissue of a new original... (Spinal Tap memories, anyone? No one? Fuck off then!)

Anyway, we cruised all around and found this fresh water recreational area that was only about a 3/4 mile walk... but it was uphill in an unseasonably warm October. So, that is the only part that sucked... the shade was nice! The small red circle around a small dark glob is my car...
Finally a little shade...
We went heading in a different direction to explore further and, along the way, saw this sign of the times...

The dog was right, “No THC - what’s the point!?”

We drove on and later stumbled on to this delta alcove...
The whole reason for the Sunday Drives is to pick a car as the vehicle to get me out of the house for no particular reason, shake out the cobwebs, and along the way find a backroad I don’t know or don’t remember.

I don’t drive this car {W211 E-Kasse} often but when I do - I really enjoy the shit out of it. Since its use is spread around the other cars it still only has 48,000 miles. And this one isn’t bold or brash - it has the stock exhaust, in fact bone stock everything except for a mildly aggressive reflash of the ECU... (That really livened things up, particularly if you can find good quality fuel... rare in California with our highly-oxygenated 91-octane swill.). Yes, yes, it’s fun to drive a car with soul... but it is easy to forget - and this saloon reminded of my waned enthusiasm for a “Sleeper”: Quick, quiet, comfortable. The car has,, as they used to say about the Swallow Side cars (Jaguar), “grace, pace, and space...”
It’s a weird ghost town world these days... and I find it enjoyable to get even further away from society.

It this keeps up, I may need to take banjo lessons... :dssd:
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Re: Sunday Drive Discoveries

Post by koimaster » October 19th 2020, 9:38am

Nice photos. When I lived in Marin for 5 years after marrying Carol, the weekends were drive time on the back roads. From Stinson Beach up to the Russian River (no invicta RDs in sight), the drives were the best part of the week.


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