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Moon watch universe

Posted: September 5th 2020, 4:46pm
by koimaster
Glycine enthusiast and researcher Philip Frad regarding the Glycine Airman in space. New photos and information is surfacing and it’s exciting.
Glycine Airman pilot wristwatch being used on the 1965 Gemini V and the 1966 Gemini XI spaceflight missions.
Astronaut & naval aviator Charles Pete Conrad wore his personal Glycine Airman pilot watch on these flights, so the Glycine Airman became the first Automatic wristwatch in space...
Moreover, due to the open design of the two man Gemini capsule, Conrad's Glycine Airman was directly exposed to outer space during the spacewalks of Richard Gordon on 13 & 14 September 1966...
All photos are NASA and can be freely used: